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The Priesthood and

the Separating Process

Mike Maney


Perhaps you've never considered that Jesus wasn't merely teaching a group of disciples -- He was training a brotherhood of priests. The New Testament ekklesia is indeed a continuation of the Jewish priesthood. Listen as bro. Maney explains why church should mean much more than merely a place to go on Sunday mornings.

Test the Spirits

Andrew Maney


Instead of continuing his rabid campaign to eradicate the Lord's true churches by persecution, Satan changed his tactics. He figured out he could do much more damage by infecting the Lord's churches with false doctrine. Fortunately, however, not all of the churches fell for that deception!

Thoughts on the Book of Jonah

Mike Maney


Even though Jonah was sent to do the preaching, there were nonetheless some important lessons for him to learn along the way  - some lessons you may not have thought of before.


Andrew is teaching from the prophet Joel during our Wednesday mid-week Bible study.

Avoiding Deception

Andrew Maney


The one main error that we need to avoid at all costs is that of deception. The Devil is so crafty and is a master at deception! We can avoid such if we know the plan and purpose of God.

One Day at a Time

Mike Maney


How many here have ever asked someone how they were doing, and have gotten the response, “I’m just taking ‘one day at a time.’”   Well, not so surprisingly, we see the “one day at a time” outlook recorded in the Holy Scriptures.  And, again, not so surprising is seen in God’s Word a better approach to handling life’s problems than man’s meager philosophy of defense.

The Inward Man

Mike Maney


The mechanics of one's spiritual relationship with Christ must be worked out on a day-to-day basis, and most certainly needs to come from within our innermost being -- the inward man, the heart. Such is what the apostle Paul tried to relate to the Corinthians.


Pastor Mike recalls the tragedy / triumphant story of Naomi and Ruth, while revealing the background story of a song published in 1984 that climbed to no. 1 world wide.

 Thy        watchmen 

 shall lift up 

 the voice