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Created on purpose and for a purpose

MAN'S FAILED ASSIGNMENT God created Adam (mankind) and gave him a purpose. We know that from the very beginning God’s intention for man was to have him rule (have dominion) over the earth and all of its realm. Of course we know that Adam sinned, thus demonstrating that he could not be trusted to carry out his assignment as given. GODLESS GOVERNMENTS HAVEN'T WORKED Ever since then, man (in his fallen, sinful state) has sought to execute his role as earth’s manager. He’s been trying now for some 6,000 years. And along the way he has tried to govern himself (from outside of the Garden as it were), with just about every conceivable type of government and ruler you could think of -- yet, has been unable to regain what he had lost before the fall. GOD'S HOLY STANDARD IS UNATTAINABLE He had a successful military man in king David. But his military prowess wasn’t enough to sustain his kingdom; and he fell. Then Solomon came along with all kinds of wisdom and wealth; yet that too wasn’t enough for even Solomon failed to measure up to a higher standard. Man doesn’t realize that his role as manager is and has been on a time schedule – God’s time schedule. THE EARTH YEARNS FOR NEW MANAGEMENT Soon, he will discover that his ‘lease’ as earth’s manager is just about up, and a new Manager has been appointed to take over the job. Let’s face it, man has proven to be a failure in fulfilling his Adamic role as steward of God’s earth without the physical presence of his Creator. Thus, the heavenly Father has chosen His own Son to be earth’s manager, or as the Bible put it – earth’s King! ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIES FOR THE POSITION And as a King, Jesus will take over all of man’s kingdoms and make them His own. Such will be in a similar manner as most kings throughout history – by force and fury! Some people will be extremely happy when this happens… and will be rejoicing! -- while many others, on the other hand, will be dreading the scene as Jesus descends from heaven with His holy angels and His glorified bride taking vengeance on all of His many enemies.


By: Pastor Mike Maney

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